Title: Jump
  Director: Kieron J Walsh
  Producers: Brendan J Byrne & Katie Holly
  Principal Cast: Nichola Burley, Martin McCann, Ciaran McMenamin,
Richard Dormer,
Charlene McKenna, Valene Kane
  Production Company: Hotshot Films & Blinder Films
  Production Status: Completed 
  Country of Origin: Ireland / UK
  Genre: Romance / Thriller
  Running Time: 88 mins
  Promo / Trailer:



A modern romantic fairytale exploring the trials and tribulations of three seemingly disparate sets of young people whose stories gradually interweave as fate takes a hand one new years eve. At the heart of the story are Greta and Pearse, two star-crossed lovers falling hopelessly in love, writing their own Brief Encounter for our times.

Standing on a bridge, forlorn beauty Greta wonders whether she has really done anything worthwhile in her life. Elsewhere in the city, fireworks pop, and Greta's fancy dress friends are gearing up for the biggest night of the year. Meanwhile Pearse, bloodied from a gangland beating, walks into her orbit, and pulls her back from the edge. The narrative plays with time, 'jumps', and the irony of coincidence befitting a small city, with dramatic 'reveals' as the stories collide.

"Jump is a smart and charming little gem of a movie, well worth tracking down." - Screen Daily

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