Title: The Abiding
  Director: Rob Schmidt
  Principal Cast:

Stacey Farber,
Jonathan Malen

  Production Company: Abiding Productions Limited
  Production Status: In Development
  Country of Origin: U.S.A.
  Genre: Thriller
  Running Time:  
  Promo / Trailer:  



A peaceful American college town turns into a place where no-one is safe and everyone is a suspect.

Students and locals begin to receive disturbing emails and phone messages from someone who seems to know a little too much about their private lives.

Whenever a victim is contacted, they have no alternative but to kill or be killed. Who is this mysterious person able to turn friends and classmates against each other in this perfectly designed "game"? Or is it something much more ominous?

A college student and an ex-cop are the first to be arrested. Whilst in prison they exchange stories and discover the terrifying coincidence between the aftermath of the messages they each received. It would appear that both have been manipulated and their only escape is to find the sender of the messages.

The detective investigating these murders pays several visits to the college and interviews students and professors but it is Kate, a young college girl, who is determined to solve the puzzle. But when she gets caught up in the deadly game, she discovers that the mastermind of the murders has prepared for her a very special role.

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