Title: The 4th Reich
  Director: Shaun Robert Smith

James Edward Barker,
Scott Mann

  Principal Cast:

Sean Bean, Sean Pertwee,
Jason Flemyng

  Production Company:  
  Production Status: In Pre-Production
  Country of Origin: UK
  Genre: Horror / War / Action
  Running Time:  
  Promo / Trailer:  



Beset by a barrage of German gunfire Allied forces land on Normandy. In spite of the countless number of bodies strewn along the bloody beaches the manoeuvre is hailed a success in the Allied efforts to liberate France.

However there is no respite for war weary Corporal Roberts and Sergeant Major Gordon as they are assigned on a covert mission progressing deeper into occupied France. Led by the battle hardened Captain Bathurst, the small select infantry are tasked with a mission to take over from where a previous operation failed - to eliminate the notorious Oberleutnant Dirlewanger and destroy the secret research facility he and his SS division are guarding with their lives. With the mission's details being on a need to know basis, rumours amongst the infantry circulate about the Nazi's occultish experiments.

As they advance through war ravaged towns seeing off the last faithful members of Nazi resistance, Roberts discovers that the rumours may not be as far fetched as he believed. Finding the macabre corpses of the first operation, the disturbing reality that they were not simply the victims of battle begins to sink in.

Their suspicions prove justified as they explore the deserted research facility revealing the truly horrific implications of the Nazi experiments and discovering their successful trials to regenerate an indestructible 4th Reich from Dirlewanger's SS dead division. The soldiers are now faced with an undead evil for which even the extreme nightmares of war could not have prepared them.

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